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Obituaries Pages - Obituary Display

The picture to the right shows the obituary display from two websites. The basic layout of the display is the same for both; the actual obituary is displayed on the left, and the forms that allow a user to add a candle or a condolence message are displayed on the right. Buttons are automatically added to the obituary when a person leaves a condolence message or lights a candle. The View Video button is displayed when a video we produce is uploaded for the obituary.

The obituary is displayed with the exact look and feel of the rest of the website. The two websites shown here both have a patterned background that is faithfully produced on the obituary pages. We invite you to visit the Mann and Greenwell Funeral Home website and the Byrd & Kohn Funeral Home website; click on the image of either funeral home to visit it.

Click on any of the links to the right for a quick synopsis of those pages.

Please click either image above to go to the lists of obituaries pages. You may click on any of the listed obituaries to review obituary display.

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