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About Page

The about page can take many forms: a combination short history and staff page, a complete history page, sometimes funeral homes include their services under the about page. The Dowell & Martin website provides a history showing their funeral home as it evolved; the Byrd & Kohn Funeral Home website provides a brief introduction to the funeral home and the philosophy of the owners followed by an introduction to the staff. The Byrd & Kohn about page also includes a form that provides mapping and directions from any location to their facility.

We invite you to visit the Dowell & Martin and the Byrd & Kohn websites. Click on the Dowell & Martin part of the image to the right to visit their site; click on the Byrd & Kohn part of the image to reach theirs.

Please click in the image to visit the Dowell & Martin and the Byrd & Kohn website.

What our clients say

We are very proud of the website Loving Honors Inc. has created for our funeral home and encourage everyone in our community to visit it. We have had only positive feedback from the public about their services. The families we serve love the ease of use and are blown away by the quality of the memorial videos. In our opinion Loving Honors Inc. is a very big part of our success and we would encourage any new or established funeral home to take advantage of their services.

A. Byrd, J. Kohn - Byrd & Kohn Funeral Home, IL

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