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Loving Video Keepsakes™ - Samples

We are professionals at creating video tributes that reflect the individual’s life and interests. No templates are used, nor are our tributes merely a “slide-show”. The standard tribute consists of 30 pictures, though the number allowed is virtually unlimited. In addition to pictures, five video clips are usually placed within the body of the tribute; sometimes more are used sometimes less. The clips used and their number depends upon the theme and/or wishes of the family.

We use many styles to manipulate the pictures and video clips, co-coordinating the mood, colors and surrounding photos to create a smooth flowing “story”.

All video tributes are enhanced by music and our music library includes hundreds of licensed songs to suit all tastes. While we recommend instrumental music, many other choices available.

Clients are encouraged to provide comments about the type of video clips the family may want, interests of the family member, music enjoyed and other relevant information.

To the right are links to several sample videos that illustrate some of the themes we offer.

Please click any of the following links for more information on our video tributes.

Romantic Video Tribute

Flowers, streams, butterflies, beaches and similar clips

Outdoors/Hunter/Fisher Video Tribute

Forests, streams, animals, snow and similar clips

Farmer/Country Video Tribute

Fields, crops, farm animals and equipment and similar clips

Veteran/Peace Officer Video Tribute

Flags, monuments, military equipment, police, fire and similar clips

Special Request Themes

Do you need a special theme. Let us know what you need; we probably have video clips that will be appropriate. We have motorcycles, clasic cars, 18 wheelers, airplanes, boats, beaches, tourist attractions from around the world, lakes, people cooking, and many others.

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